Professor  Yakub Aliyu

Professor Yakub Aliyu graduated from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria with a BSc in Physics; he holds an Advanced Certificate in Reactor Physics from Karlsruhe in Germany and earned an MSEE and Ph.D. degrees in Electronic Engineering from the University of Wales. He attended London University, UK, and graduated with a master’s degree in business Administration-MBA-International Management.  Prof Aliyu also holds a PGCE from England and holds certifications as Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Management Professional (PMP), Auditor, Management, Problem-Solving, and Decision-Making from Kepner & Tregoe. 

Professor Aliyu has over 25 years of experience in industrial operations, technology, production management,  technology research & development implementation, including venture-backed startup companies. Developed strategic corporate and business relations and extensive experience with multinational corporations running advanced management and technology organizations. Knowledge of international manufacturing and production across Europe, the USA, Asia, and Latin America.


Prof. Aliyu held operations and quality management leadership positions in National Semiconductors, Director of Operations for TI-OMAP Cellular Chipset in Texas Instrument Inc used in Nokia, Motorola, and NTT Docomo Mobile Phones. A founding member and Director of Manufacturing & Quality in SyChip Inc, from the prestigious Bells Laboratories-Lucent Ventures company. Part of the team that 802.11 launched the first generation wireless, GPS, and Bluetooth IoT Devices to market. Served as Vice president in Manufacturing operations in Sonvation Inc. 


He also held management positions in National Semiconductor Ltd and Chartered Semiconductor

Singapore. Lead the strategic acquisition of HIPCMOS Advance Processor Technology from Motorola Inc, APDRL, the USA was critical to its startup operations and Global Foundries producing high-speed application processors and communication modules for AMD and Microsoft at 14 nm IC Technology. He is currently Global Quality Director and Director of Communication & circuit protection in Bourns Inc Riverside, California, USA.

Before taking the entrepreneurial path, Yakub led a successful R&D career as an Assistant Professor in Cardiff School Engineering and supervised numerous Meng and –Doctorate Electrical Engineering Degrees, developing Transparent Conducting Film-ITO for High-Speed Transistors for GEC Marconi Civilian & Military Applications. Senior Research Fellow at III-V Microelectronic Centre, The University of Wales UK, supporting a venture company –Epitaxial Product International UK under DTI EPSRC project. A senior Member of IEEE USA and holds C. Eng of IEE UK and Chartered Physics. A professor of Microelectronics, Visiting professor FUBK, KUSTSA and Northwood University, and Cardiff School of Engineering.


Prof Aliyu published over 30 refereed Journals and co-authored 29 Advance. Technology USA and International issued patents. Notable contributions included Nigeria: Telecoms Sector – Strategic Imperatives for Quality of Service and Patents in Open high speed Application Multimedia Processor for cellular phones, Reliable Memories and IoT devices for internet Applications.

Prof. Aliyu is married with four children and currently lives with his family in Houston, Texas, USA.